A Personal Journey Through Germany's World Wars and Postwar Years
by Dorothea von Schwanenflügel Lawson

"So many Americans have such a distorted picture of Germany, and the Germans, during the war years. I do hope that the book will help to change some opinions."
               ~ B. M. Simpson, Arlington, Virginia

Table of Contents

Preface xiii
Westward Ho 1
Poverty or Plenty 19
Advent Adventures 37
Integration-Sooner or Later 47
To Your Health! 60
Love Thy Neighbor, But Not Too Much 70
Who Fools Whom 79
The Chameleon, Master of Camouflage 98
First Flight Out of the Nest 111
Plays and Plots 123
"Finished" at Last 135
Fun and Games Before Armageddon 158
The Calm Before the Storm 171
The Storm Clouds Gather 186
All Hell Breaks Loose 199
Wicked Cereberus of War! 218
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained 230
How I Became a Swan 247
The Dream Child 266
No Rest for the Weary 284
Babes in the Woods and on the Road 299
Don't Play With the Shark 315
Shattered Dreams 336
The Aftermath 363
Dancing With the Russian Bear 389
On the Roller Coaster of Life 420
Mostly Heaven or Hell? 451
After the War, the Battle to Live 479
All's Well That Ends Well-Almost 514

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