world war 2 german memoir
A Personal Journey Through Germany's World Wars and Postwar Years
by Dorothea von Schwanenflügel Lawson
The book that will leave a lasting impression on your life
from an author of the World War I generation

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After 19 years, this book is now out of print. A few copies may still be available through the secondary market like Amazon Marketplace.

Dorothea von Schwanenfluegel Lawson wrote her memoir with the American public in mind. She passed away one month shy of her 98th birthday in 2014, but her memoir will always be her legacy.

Sylvia D. Cole
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german historical memoirDo you know anyone who experienced two World Wars in Germany and survived to talk about it? You do now!

Welcome to Laughter Wasn't Rationed and the historical war memoir of Dorothea von Schwanenflügel Lawson. She will take you from the Weimar Republic to the Berlin Wall, and give you a first-hand account of her life that is full of historical facts — the perspective of an ordinary citizen not found in history books. Vintage photos accompany her journey.

As a native German born during World War I, Dorothea takes us from her relatively carefree youth through the much-staged rise and fall of Hitler and his Nazi Party, World War II and the devastating postwar years, up to the beginnings of the Cold War. Through her, you will experience the air raids and intense bombing of Berlin, the ever-present hunger, the Soviet invasion and other day-to-day struggles.

You will not only see the grim realities of life, but are treated to many jokes about the Third Reich that were once punishable by imprisonment or by death. You will also enjoy a small dose of German culture along the way, as well as her conversational style.
Unfortunately generations die out and the experiences of real people are lost forever. Dorothea's insight is invaluable, and has been recognized by several universities that are using her book and knowledge of Europe in their history courses.

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Laughter Wasn't Rationed is a Tricor Press publication.

Second Edition, 527 pages, 42 photographs, 6x9 softcover, $24.95
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